Neshco 2023

Greenlight Interactive (winner of the 2020 Lamplighter Award of Excellence in video) specializes in animation and video for the healthcare industry. Post Covid more people are online. They are paying more attention to their personal health. And they are seeking information online, ideally from you. We offer a range of visual styles to help tell a story, explain or train patients, the community and physicians. See below for a few examples of these visual styles.


Partial Client List

STYLE #1: Whiteboard Animation. “Whiteboard Animation” originated 10+ years ago with a live hand drawing a scene on a dry erase whiteboard while being filmed drawing. An editor takes this footage and speeds up the drawing so that the hand appears to be drawing in a continuous timeframe.

Greenlight Interactive provides a number of styles drawn on white backgrounds including pastel, marker, and paints. Please see our expanded portfolio or call us for more examples.

Client example: Takeda

STYLE #2: Fine Art Style. We create all original artwork and can do this in nearly every medium. We also have created animations in charcoal, colored pencil, pastel, acrylic and more. This type of animation style is great for stories that have emotion or for educational stories.

Client: Town of Windsor

STYLE #3: 2D Animation.
2D animation eliminates the hand in the artwork. We provide character development and offer a range of styles of 2D animation.

Client: Pet Health & Nutrition Center

STYLE #4: Mixed Media. Greenlight Interactive provides live action filming as well as animation services. Sometimes there is an opportunity to combine the two into an effect where the drawing can dissolve into video. This is especially effective for testimonial videos that run the risk of being dull due to too much talking head. With this effect the viewer can listen while watching a scene being drawn. This technique is truly unique in our industry.

Winner of the 2020 Lamplighter Award of Excellence in Video

Client: Pediatric Physicians Organization at Boston Children’s Hospital

STYLE #5: Live Action. Our team created an award-winning feature length documentary “Whiskey & Apple Pie” which involved over 100 interviews of seniors across America. We have also filmed and produced other shorts and marketing videos. We are available to go on-site for interviews and b-roll to produce educational and/or marketing videos. The 5-minute video at left was created as an event fundraising video.

Client: Legal Aid

Frequently Asked Questions

How much of a time commitment do you need from our company to make this happen?

We just need two things from our clients to start. First, we have a simple questionnaire we walk through with our clients which helps us understand your project objectives, your target market, and your key messages. Next, we ask for any background information you might have including marketing material and brand assets such as brand guidelines and logos. Then we take this and run with it!

Who writes the script?

About 90% of the time, we write the script for you based on your answers to questions we ask you about your project and project goals. We also work with clients who supply scripts to us. In these cases, we evaluate the script provided for illustration flow and offer suggestions on how to modify it so that it works for animation.

How long does it take to create an animation or video?

The average time it takes to create a whiteboard animation is about 3 weeks once the script has been approved. The process is quite simple and we help lead you through the process.

  1. First, we ask you for background information.
  2. Next, we generate a script and storyboard based on your input.
  3. Once the storyboard and script are final, we literally head to the drawing board to draw original art and/or film this live action drawing. If you are looking for video that involves travel to a location, then the timeline will be based on scheduling.
  4. Once our artists feel excited about the final artwork(!) we move to the editing process where we add cool sound effects, background music and voiceover –all synched with the artwork.
  5. We deliver videos in high resolution, Vimeo and YouTube formats.

How much does an animation or video cost?

If you want a quick answer to this question, we can safely say that our animation and video costs start at about $3,000 per running minute. This cost includes storyboarding, original art concept and final drawings as well as editing. This cost does not include script writing or voiceover. We ask for payments in installments with a retainer payment due at the beginning of the project.

Do you offer videos in other languages?

Yes, we do! We often get requests for localization. We work with translators and hire voiceover talent from across the glove to create animations in multiple languages. We have created animations in French, German, Spanish, Farsi, Arabic and more.

What types of videos or animations do you recommend?

  • The most common types of animations are explainer videos for patient engagement and education.
  • The next most common type of animation is an animation that helps explain how something works such as a product demo.
  • Diet/nutrition or health living videos are great for patient retention.
  • Animation is also great for training videos. Some trainers can mix video into their training sessions—a great way to keep your audience engaged. Or you can simply post training videos online.
  • Other great uses are viral videos that pull in viewers with engaging ice breaker videos for presentations and keynotes or brand building videos that simply get your name out in a clever way.