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Greenlight Interactive provides marketing services for all business sectors with special focus on healthcare, technology, nonprofits, education and small business. Although we specialize in animation, video and web, we also provide additional marketing services and/or can connect our clients with specialists in other areas.


  • Whiteboard animation  (Educate, train, explain and entertain–learn more on our whiteboard website)
  • Character development (Kooky Kangaroos to talking air molecules)
  • Traditional animation (May include lip synching for speaking characters)
  • Infographic animation (Clip and original artwork in orchestrated sequence)
  • Graphic Recording
  • Mixed media approaches mixing traditional video with animation
  • Coordination and procurement of voiceover talent and background music
  • Full production to delivery in various formats for keynotes, PPT presentations, training, websites and social media


  • Live Action marketing videos
  • Interviews (Interviewer with videographer, b-roll as appropriate)
  • Mixed media approaches mixing traditional video with animation


  • Discovery Meetings (identifying target audiences, assumed needs & wants)
  • Qualitative and quantitative research including surveys, focus groups, one-on-one sessions and video interviews
  • Preliminary weather report to identify content organization and confusion areas that relate to the usability of the website for each identified audience and identifying problem areas of marketing materials (writing style, voice, brand communication)
  • Role playing through cognitive theory practices (task-based exercises on the website based on each audience and their demographics, psychographics, and perceived needs to develop personas for each audience)
  • Development of Personas
  • Usability Audit Documentation
  • UX: User Interface Design
  • IA: Information Architecture & Wireframes
  • Content writing and/or editing
  • Original Video
  • Original Animation (explainer videos or other videos)
  • Development
  • MORE
One of the things that drew us to Greenlight Interactive was their innate ability to understand our marketing, our branding and our technology needs.  The website definitely reflects this.