What’s your story?

Everyone has a story. Everyone has a style. We offer a range of styles to help tell your story. What’s your story?

STYLE #1: Whiteboard Animation. “Whiteboard Animation” originated 10+ years ago with a live hand drawing a scene on a dry erase whiteboard while being filmed drawing. An editor takes this footage and speeds up the drawing so that the hand appears to be drawing in a continuous timeframe.

Greenlight Interactive provides a number of styles drawn on white backgrounds including pastel, marker, and paints. Please see our expanded portfolio for more examples.

Client example: Takeda

STYLE #2: Fine Art Style. We create all original artwork and can do this in nearly every medium. We also have created animations in charcoal, colored pencil, pastel, acrylic and more. This type of animation style is great for stories that have emotion or for educational stories.

Client: Cutler Institute/University of Southern Maine

STYLE #3: 2D Animation.
2D animation eliminates the hand in the artwork. We provide character development and offer a range of styles of 2D animation.

Client: Colby’s Dogcare & Spa

STYLE #4: 2D Animation with talking characters. This example shows a very simple but effective animation style created for a toddler. Here we feature a talking lobster, cat, crab and dog.

STYLE #5: Mixed Media. Greenlight Interactive provides live action filming as well as animation services. Sometimes there is an opportunity to combine the two into an effect where the drawing can dissolve into video. This is especially effective for testimonial videos that run the risk of being dull due to too much talking head. With this effect the viewer can listen while watching a scene being drawn. This technique is truly unique in our industry.

Client: Boston Children’s Hospital

STYLE #6: Live Action. Our team created an award-winning feature length documentary “Whiskey & Apple Pie.” We have also filmed and produced other shorts and marketing videos. We have a full suite of Sony camera and lighting gear, and we are available to go on-site for interviews and b-roll to produce educational and/or marketing videos. The 5-minute video at left was created as an event fundraising video.

Client: Legal Aid